Messiah University 在 Facebook 上。如要連結 Messiah University,現在就加入 Facebook。
Messiah University 在 Facebook 上。如要連結 Messiah University,現在就加入 Facebook。
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Social Media Community Guidelines:

Messiah University recognizes that social media is a relevant means of communication that is worthy of thoughtful, purposeful engagement to promote the University and its people, programs and priorities, and to build community among alumni, students, parents, employees and friends. At Messiah, “our mission is to educate men and women toward maturity of intellect, character and Christian faith in preparation for lives of service, leadership and reconciliation in church and society.” As such, all content on this page–including user comments–should seek to create an atmosphere of Christ-like hospitality and community.

The official social media accounts of Messiah University are monitored by the Office of Marketing and Communications. While the University respects and welcomes honest, open dialogue, social media is not always the most efficient way to manage specific concerns or issues. Items of individual concern may be directed to the appropriate office or department, or to the Office of Marketing and Communications through direct message or by emailing

We ask that all individuals keep the discussion respectful and kind. Comments that go against the mission or ethos of the University or that contain hate or derogatory speech are subject to deletion.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to block, restrict and/or remove content that:

• Is clearly off topic or repetitive in nature
• Includes spam
• Uses vulgar or profane language or images
• Links to third-party sites
• Shares confidential or private information
• Has a clear political affiliation
• Represents a misuse of our brand, logo or likeness
• Violates copyright or trademark agreements
• Markets a product, service or event not related to the University
• Advocates for violent or illegal activity

Messiah University reserves full discretion, without notice, to remove content and block users who violate these guidelines.